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Bed Cheope

Bed Cheope  japan style designe A meticulous and unusual reminder of the mystery of the pyramids. An area of well-being and energy circumscribed by a stylish bed surround covered with Tatami mats. Cheope is a large bed in solid finger joint beech wood .. A real star which dominates its surroundings with its precisse proportions and simple, sharp lines. Beech shoji panels lined in fabric can be added to any of the four sides of the frame, adding a touch of extraordinary intimacy to Cheope. A further dramatic device is the light point at the top of the pyramid.
  • Pyramid bed in solid finger joint beech wood . Tatami. are used as a bed surround.
  • Shoji panels can be added in varying quantity
  • Treat with natural non-toxic impregnating oils
  • Can also be made to measure
  • Selected raw materials
  • Natural wood bed
  • Japanese bed
At the top of the pyramid, there is a point of light.
ColorsBeech wood available colors, untreated natural wood as standard
Bed Cheope  bed Cheope
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