Mezzanine bed "Tree House" Make the most of your room space

A loft bed designed for any ceiling height.

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  • Loft bed - mezzanine in solid laminated beech wood (to be fixed to two walls)
  • Columns: 10 x 5 cm (3.9 x 2 inch) straight
  • Column height: 200 cm (79 inch)
  • Height below: from 135 cm to 150 cm (53 inch to 20 inch)
  • Wall fixing
  • Parapet mandatory
  • Valuable raw materials
  • Beech desk shelf: width 2.6 cm (1 inch) - depth 60 cm (23 inch) - length 205 cm (80 inch)
  • Available in raw wood or in various colors (see)
  • Treatment with natural oils
  • External Mesure:
    210 (83 inch) x 86 cm (34 inch)
    210 x 96 cm (38 inch)
    210 x 106 cm (42 inch)
    210 x 126 cm (50 inch)
    210 x 146 cm (57 inch)
    210 x 166 cm (65 inch)
    210 x 186 cm (73 inch)

Mezzanine "Tree House" - Space-saving ideas Mezzanine Tree House - Space-saving ideas Mezzanine Tree House - Space-saving ideas Mezzanine Tree House - Space-saving ideas
Are you looking for the perfect space-saving wooden mezzanine for your studio apartment?
Do you want a bunk bed for your children but don't want to face expensive and complicated work?
FIND OUT MORE With Cinius loft beds, home decorating becomes easier!
Born for those with limited space available, the "Tree House" Mezzanine Bed is an excellent space-saving solution and does not require particularly high walls.
It is therefore an ideal loft bed even for those who do not have high ceilings. he columns have a height of 200 cm, therefore the "Tree House" Mezzanine Bed must be positioned next to a wall or in a corner between two walls of the room.
In solid laminated beech wood, it is made to measure.
Tatami are used as support for the mattress, which are:
  • walkable;
  • breathable;
  • thermoacoustic insulators;
  • easy to clean.
We recommend the "Modular Cubic Staircase" (standard height 120 cm, customizable on request), a modern furniture that is at the same time convenient access to the mezzanine bed and bookcase / chest of drawers.
Alternatively, it will be possible to combine our solid wood ladder.



  • the mezzanine floor should be larger than the mattress
  • minimum height under the mezzanine level: 120 cm (47 inch)
  • ideal height under the mezzanine level: 145 cm (57 inch)
  • we suggest safety railings on all sides of the mezzanine not adjacent to walls
  • the safety railings must be 12 cm (4.7 inch) higher than the mattress
  • the safety railings are also available in "full" version with access door
  • the structure can support up to 400 kg (882 lbs)

ColorsBeech wood available colors, untreated natural wood as standard