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Simple and elegant in pure zen style.
Its thick 4.2 cm or 3.2 cm border and interlocking joints with both horizontal and vertical dowels make the bed very solid and stable.
  • solid finger joint beech wood
  • Interlocking assembly without metal parts (Magnetic Free)
  • Headboard (optional) fixed with joints to the frame,
  • If positioned against a wall it can be combined with the Futon headboard fixed to the wall with two brass hooks.
  • Treat with natural non-toxic impregnating oils
  • Can also be made to measure
  • Selected raw materials
  • Natural wood bed
  • Japanese bed
ColorsBeech wood available colors, untreated natural wood as standard
"Shoji" nightstand "Tatami" nightstand "Yume" headboard "Aurora" headboard "Zen" nightstand with glass top and "zen garden" Aurora "case effect".
It'spossible adapt the bed with a case for, thus the interior of the bed become useful housing
Bed Aurora  chest of drawers 3+2 Bed Aurora  chest of drawers 4+4
Chest "3+2" solid finger joint beech wood chest with birch interior h 80, w 100cm, d. 50cm
(also custom-made)
Chest "4+4" solid finger joint beech wood chest with birch interior h 70, w 160cm, d. 50cm
(also custom-made)

Other chest of drawers Other bed-side tables
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AURORA42-160with mattress, headboard aurora and nightstandsmore details
Items Prices
Double Bed 160x200 699.00 €
Beech slatted base 97.00 €
Futon14 160x200 cm 381.00 €
Headboard yume 399.00 €
Nightstands tatami 2 x 178.00 €
Total 1'932.00 €
Rateizzabile in rate da 84.50 €
(24 rate + anticipo € 98.00, tan 6.00%, taeg 6.53%.)
Bed Aurora display products more details

Bed Aurora (180 x 200)in beech, thickness(32mm)
Predisposta per headboard interna +
stain Lilla
694.00 € 516.00 €