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Water Mattress
"Zero Movement"

Water Mattress You won't notice any water movement

Its outward appearance is the same as a normal mattress but its "soul" is composed of a particular water-soaked fiber which adapts smoothly to the body's movements. The innovative internal sponges dampen any movement.

The only mattress which adapts to the weather
Water Mattress temperate in winterwater mattress: warm in winter
Water Mattress fresh in summerwater mattress: cool in summer

the image shows the therapeutic value of a water mattress, which supports your whole body evenly in an orthopedically correct position, resulting in a feeling of total relaxation. Water Mattress postural problems. Water mattresses are a viable alternative to overly hard or soft beds which can cause serious postural problems.
Regulating the water temperature can help alleviate conditions such as rheumatism. It has been scientifically proven that sleepers on water mattresses move and turn over approximately two-thirds less, since there are no pressure points to disturb blood circulation.
Using a water mattress unquestionably represents a real step forward for prevention of spinal injury and incorrect posture.

... Other information Water Mattress alleviate rheumatic symptoms. Air bubbles may produce a slight noise but can be easily removed.
There is no risk of the water causing rheumatism.
The water is fully contained and no dampness is produced, so there is no danger of the presence of water causing rheumatism; in fact the mattress' heating system can actually alleviate rheumatic symptoms.
Without the thermostat the mattress adapts to room temperature (15, 20 degrees) giving a cool, fresh feeling. With the thermostat on you can heat the water temperature to up to 38 degrees. Average electricity usage is extremely low (about 20 watts per hour).

In terms of safety guarantees the mattress conforms to regulations used for hospital sites. Should a leak occur, it should not be a cause for alarm as the whole mattress is encased in a waterproof shell. The water is not pressurized and any leaks will absorbed by the internal spongy fibers, preventing water from spilling onto the floor.
Any holes can be quickly and easily mended using the repair kit. The water does not need changing and the only maintenance required is to to add a bottle of sanitizer each year. Padded water mattress cover The sleep of your dreams
As well as its reliably waterproof vinyl shell, another practical feature of the mattress is its pre-shrunk padded cotton cover, which can be removed and washed, thus avoiding a build-up of dust and mites. The price is affordable compared to a regular orthopedic mattress, particularly when its temperature regulating feature is taken into account. Water MattressAs well as its reliably waterproof vinyl shell,
Water Mattressquality standards organizations (CE, TUV ...) The thermostat has been approved by the major international quality standards organizations (CE, TUV ...) and allows you to adjust the water temperature using a heat pad.
The padded cover is fully removable with a convenient zip and should be dry cleaned or washed in cold water. Water MattressThe vinyl shell should be washed with a damp soapy
Water Mattress  traditional mattresses The vinyl shell should be washed with a damp soapy cloth or with an appropriate detergent (vinyl cleaner).
The waterproof surface of the vinyl prevents the build-up of dust and mites typical of traditional mattresses, making the water mattress a far more hygienic solution which is highly recommended for allergy sufferers.
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