Loft Bed Design Ideas for Your Home

Choose a Loft Bed with Storage Space - Loft Bed Designs for Small Spaces

Cinius, a leading company in bespoke furniture, offers its innovative wooden mezzanines: real loft beds.
Although they are lofts where you can also sleep, they do not comply with the regulations on traditional lofts.

What does that mean?

  • no need for municipal building permit
  • no need to submit to the constraints of the City Building Regulations
  • quick installation and without masonry
  • more affordable price

With a breathable tatami top, the Cinius Loft Beds also offer functions unknown to a traditional loft.
For example, the innovative Rising bed in solid laminated beech is electronically adjustable in height: with the raised loft you can fully enjoy the space below, while with the lowered loft you can easily access a comfortable bed (without having to move the furniture).

Height adjustable Rising loft bed
Figure 3. Loft Bed "Rising"

The Yen Bed is instead designed for rooms taller than 3.20 meters, with its simple and robust structure in solid laminated beech at fixed height.

Loft Bed Yen with fixed height
Figure 4. Loft Bed "Yen"

For the little ones, the "Nest Bed" and the "Tree House" Mezzanine, have been designed, perfect to give our children all the space they need to play and study, with the safety of a solid laminated beech wood structure.

Nest bed - Tree House Mezzanine
Figure 5. "Tree House" Mezzanine

All Cinius Loft Beds are proposed with a traditional tatami floor.
The tatami acts as a comfortable floor and excellent breathable support for the mattress.
The Cinius Loft Beds are also built with the best eco-sustainable woods: we use only beech wood from suppliers with FSC certification.
Cinius provides a complete service to the customer, which includes the taking of measurements on site, the design of the loft bed most suitable for the specific housing situation (with 3D drawing) and the implementation of the structure.

Cinius Loft Bed: Maintenance and Accessories

The Mezzanine Bed Cinius will never be perfect without an adequate access staircase.
Forget the uncomfortable ladders of the old bunk beds, as Cinius proposes the innovative Bookstores "Scala Yen".
Made of solid laminated beech, the Scala Yen Bookcases pursue the same philosophy of rationalizing the spaces of the Cinius Loft Beds: customizable at will, their modular composition allows you to incorporate drawers and cabinets, To adapt them to any height and to equip them with handrails.

Bookstores scala yen con cassetti with drawers
Figure 7. Bookstores "Scala Yen"

As regards the coating in tatami,Rice straw itself is not food for any kind of mite or insect.
With time, however, the dust and our own skin can be deposited on the tatami becoming "food" for mites and insects.
It is therefore necessary to vacuum the mat monthly and ventilate it by moving the mattress.
For cleaning or elimination of any mites or insects, it is recommended to clean it with a damp cloth soaked in water and vinegar diluted 1 to 5 or to spray of the ecological pesticide based on pewter.
The mattress resting on the tatami should be ventilated more frequently (at least once a month) to avoid stagnation of moisture that may occur in the most humid months or produced by our sweating; all this to make the tatami and mattress breathe.
The recommended procedure is:

  • open the windows;
  • move the mattress from above the tatami;
  • Place the mattress in such a way that you "breathe" the side that was in contact with the tatami (or fold it in half, if futon).
A lack of conformity of the goods that occurs as a result of failure to comply with these instructions may not be attributed to Cinius and may not give rise to remedies of termination of the contract, price reduction, of the replacement or repair of the good.