Cinius gives you a tree
Il percorso sostenibilità Cinius

Cinius forest is born thanks to the precious collaboration with Treedom.

With this project Cinius decided to donate a tree to all customers who make purchases equal to or greater than € 3,000.00.

We use wood to create our furniture and we believe it is right to return - at least in part - what nature gives us.

Thanks to this forest we also support local communities and absorb 89,900 kg of CO2.

This is the Cinius Forest

For more than 20 years, Cinius has used only selected raw materials (the wood comes mainly from European forests, subject to reforestation programmes), low environmental impact processing (the solid laminated beech wood is colored with non-toxic water paints, assembled interlocking and handcrafted, with consequent possibility of final recycling of the product) and better relationship between aesthetic and functional quality.