The sustainability path
Il percorso sostenibilità Cinius

"In nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed: everything is transformed."

By following this law, every step we take is a step towards sustainability.

We only use materials that last for years, to give you a product of durable quality.

But if you feel the need to change, we collect and evaluate your old used Cinius furniture discounting the purchase of a new one.

Because wood is a precious material, and we reuse it endlessly.

In this way, by keeping raw materials in circulation and saving natural resources, we minimize our impact on the environment.

We pick up your old used Cinius

We already guarantee an exceptional durability of the product, plus we extend the life of the raw material with which it is made.

In fact, when you feel the need to change, we collect your used Cinius: we reuse the wood and we value it as a discount for the purchase of a new Cinius furniture.

This saves natural resources, cuts fewer trees and reduces our footprint in the environment.